Sacred Space Progressive Program

Learn how to create your own sacred space to deepen and grow your meditation practice.  This is a very personal and creative process and each session is different for each client.  Depending on the progressive program, you can learn to: 

  • create a safe space 
  • release limiting beliefs 
  • connect with the creator, universe, source energy, mother earth or whatever your use in your vocabulary
  • connect to your inner being
  • connect with your spirit guides
  • release negativity
  • forgive anyone at any point in time
  • return to your past and learn from it (past life regression) and be forever transformed.

If you are looking to grow your spirituality, this progressive program is for you!  Program length is individual and based on your progression; however, the purpose is to get you practicing in your sacred space on your own.

Angel Card Readings

Angel card readings are a great way to help you connect with your inner self, your spirit, and listen to your intuition.  Many times the cards reflect something in your life and may reaffirm your thoughts or an action.  If you are feeling stuck, overanalyzing or overthinking, the reading may help you see things in a new way.  The session is not a fortunetelling session, I am not looking into your future; instead, think of it as guidance from your higher self, Universe, Source, Angels, Guides, etc.  Participation in the reading is a requirement for the reading.  Whether you have a specific question or just want to know what your angels want you to know, the reading is always meant for you!  

Ready to delve deeper into the spirit?