Ready to find your tribe?  Looking to get healthy, lose weight, up your game, feel better, stop berating yourself, get delicious sleep, change your mindset, find your passion?

Then you have clicked on the right page.  Join us in our private FB group where I share my tips and secrets to love yourself in body, mind and spirit.  I share content in there that is not shared on any other platform.  

This complimentary service was created when a women told me "she really wished she had a tribe" and a place to meet and connect with other positive women.  I really heard her and decided to create a group where we support each other and give to each other.  

Ultimately, It is a safe place where we can have fun and let our light shine.  Please see below and if you feel this group is for you click on the I am a SelfLove Junkie logo and get access NOW!

Our community is about lifting each other up and always coming from a place love, integrity and compassion. 

This is for you if:

You support women and celebrate their successes
You want a tribe of positive people dedicated to putting the work into themselves
You want support in your life (i.e. fitness, nutrition, mindset, manifestation, career, spiritual level)
You have an intuitive pull to come from a place of service
You are tired of being tired and ready to put the work into yourself to become your healthiest self in all aspects of life
You are a SHARER, you share the next big thing, your story, what you are reading, things you love, etc.
You love open and honest women who challenge you to be your best
You know that you get out of life what you put in

This is not for you if:

You are looking to recruit people
Complaining is your best friend
You live in excuse-ville and find people who enable you
You use time and money as your safety blanket from working on yourself
You can’t feel happy when others succeed