Eaaaasy Chicken

This morning I was in a rush and I knew night time would be the same but that didn't stop me from making dinner!  Dinner, in the morning?  Yup!

One of the easiest meals I make is my CrockPot Chicken.  All I do is add a salad and I'm done.  I was telling one of my clients about this easy peasy recipe and I thought, why am I not sharing this with all my peeps?  Therefore, I am!

You will need: 

7 minutes


whole chicken


your fave spices but I use lemon juice, Rosemary, olive oil and garlic.  

Step 1 - set up the crockpot

Step 2 - cut up the onion (don't worry about size) and throw it in the crockpot

Step 3 - in a small bowl mix 1 tbsp garlic with 2 tbsp olive oil and lemon juice and 1 tsp Rosemary  

Step 4 - lather the chicken, inside and out, with your spice mixture

Step 5 - lay the chicken breast down (i.e. laying on her tummy) in the crockpot.

Step 6 - set the pot on low for 8 hours.  

Chicken will be ready for you when you get home!

BONUS: you can make homemade chicken broth. Take the bones and throw it back into the water that the chicken left behind. Throw in a carrot and fill with water. Set to low for 8 hours. Strain and freeze into portions! 

Enjoy your easy healthy meal!