Some love from our raving fans

"Kelly is an amazing teacher! She is sweet and kind but will seriously kick your butt. I am officially addicted to her...I love starting my day with our yoga practice. I feel so much more centred and grounded! Thank you Kelly! You are amazing!!" - Tereza N.

"You came into our lives at the perfect time.  We feel truly blessed and honoured to have you in our lives.  You have been through things with us this last 10 months that some friends haven't in my lifetime.  Teenagers are fun, you'll‎ see. Being with you on our journey has helped both of us grow.  My daughter has realized that women do care about one another, challenge and encourage each other. On the way‎ home she said to me that you are one of the people in her life that she admires and hopes to be like. I love that she experienced such amazing role models at such a young age. My girls are learning about alternative health practices not only through their "cuckoo mom" but strong, kind + smart women like you along the way.  It is so amazing. I can't thank you enough for being our light when things seemed dark." - Lydia T. 

"Kelly is an excellent source of support. She understands the struggle and always helps find positivity even if the scale isn't moving as fast as you'd want it to be. She can adapt the meal plan when needed to help make it work for you. Her online workouts are no joke! Great workouts that are different and keep you coming back for more."  - Bethany P

"Kelly is amazing! Her online fitness classes are fun and will kick your butt! Workout from the comfort of your own home with an amazing group of supportive women. Kelly is a true inspiration and knows first-hand what it takes to get results. Can't recommend her enough!" - Vanessa T

"What an amazing class!  Thanks again!  You're truly inspiring! I'm so blessed to have you in my life! Thanks again for such an uplifting experience today!!" - Angie

"I burned almost 600 cal that workout!  I've never burned 600 cal in a workout before!!" - Angie