Online Group Fitness Information

1) For the online classes we use the Zoom platform.   If you do not have this application on your computer you will need a few minutes to download it or access the group.  To login please visit to login into scheduled class.

2) The meetings are password protected and will change periodically and you will be notified of password changes.

                                                                                         The password is: SelfLove1

3) When you sign in please use your full first name and initial of your last name (please no nicknames!).  Non-adherence will result in removal from the class.  

4) Although we want to hear the WHOO HOO's and heavy breathing, if you have baby near by or know that there will be a lot of background noise, please mute yourself as to not disrupt the class.

5) For most online classes you will need a mat, some space to workout (enough to move your arms and legs in all directions), water, a computer with webcam capabilities and a towel.  For certain classes you will need hand weights so it’s always a good plan to have 3, 5 and 7 pounds weights hanging around.

6) We want you to reach your all your goals with us whether it is fitness, lifestyle or spirit related!  In order to provide your body with SelfLove we ask that you commit to 2 Bootcamp Classes a week to help you reach your goals (of course more is great) plus 2 strength training class a week (recorded classes available in our Online Group Fitness Community section).  On the days that you are not sweating with us we want you to move; this can be a walk, playing with the kids, running with the dog, sports, yoga, etc.  There is no "right" or "wrong" way to move your body, think of moving your body for 30-60 minutes a day.   Please remember that we all need at least one rest day, so ensure you are giving your body love and resting as well!  

7) Recorded classes are available in our Online Group Fitness Community which can be completed at anytime that fits your schedule.  It is password protected and you will be given the password via e-mail.  Should you miss the e-mail, contact Kelly at  Videos will be changed every 6-8 weeks to avoid boredom and to build maximum strength and burn the most calories you can in a workout!

8) The only way we can measure our goals is, well, by measuring them!  We will be adding videos here soon for you to learn how to conduct a fitness assessment and take proper body measurements.  However, please click here for a figure that shows you how to take your measurements and a table to record your measurements.  We are not a big fan of the scale - we prefer strength and strong hearts to a number on a scale!