Cleansing your thoughts (a better feeling place)


You when you think detox you often think about your body; maybe losing weight or detoxing off sugar but what about our minds?  I used to preach the following 3 steps to others but did not incorporate them myself (I know, RIGHT?) and I found myself in a pretty deep depression.  After working with an amazing therapist and coach, I was able to see how important these steps were, with a few tweaks, and it was my saving grace.  So, without further ado, 3 steps to get you to a better feeling place (or to cleanse your thoughts):

1)    Keep a journal and write down any limiting beliefs that come up or anything you are thinking.  First, analyze if what you are thinking is really true.  Many times we ramble and berate ourselves but really what you are thinking is just a story.  Second, write down 3 feelings thoughts you are feeling in that moment.  Then 3 feelings you would like to feel; how can you get to those feelings?  It may be as simple as watching a funny cat video or it may require some rest.  Listen to your body and how it feels.

2)    Take 5-20 minutes a day to meditate.  There are many free meditations online you can google; my fave on itunes is "your own private beach" (it is a good one to start with if you are a beginner).  If you can't seem to quiet your mind, find someone you feel comfortable with to help you.  Many times, it's all about finding the right meditation that connects with you.

3)    In the morning, write or share with your family 3 things  for which you are grateful.  We have many things to be grateful for such as clean water, eyes to see with, smiles to share, etc.  At first, it may feel forced, I know it was for me, and that is OK.  As you progress, you may find yourself getting deeper and really feeling grateful for more and more in your life.

Always in health, love and light!