Homemade Scrub that LOVES your body!

Our resident guest blogger made a SelfLove body scrub to help you feel invigorated and treat your largest organ (skin) to a loving moisturizing treat!


This month I decided to do a natural body scrub!  With all the sun and relaxing this summer I needed something to feel rejuvenated and fresh so I made a coffee coconut oil body scrub.

Pumpkin spice body scrub

What you need: 

One cup of coffee grounds (I used pumpkin spice flavoured coffee)

One cup of coconut oil slightly melted

Half a cup of brown sugar

1 tablespoon of cinnamon or pumpkin spice (whatever you prefer as this is optional)

1 tablespoon vanilla extract (optional)

 What to do:

Slightly melt your coconut oil so it is soft and can be stirred easily.  Add your coffee grounds, sugar, spices and vanilla stir together until mixed. Place in a airtight container and enjoy the benefits of an invigorating circulation boosting scrub.

For full benefit start from your feet and move your way up all the way to your heart.

Hope you enjoy this scrub as much as I do!💜

Please let us know if you tried the SelfLove body scrub and how it made you FEEL! 

Let's talk about sweat, blood and odour......down there!

And when I say down there, I mean your vulva and vagina!   

Don't tune out, there is nothing shameful about discussing our most favourite body part and ways to keep it healthy and happy, right?


As many of my readers know, I recently got back from a retreat and vacation from Portugal, France and Belgium. What you don't know is that I had to bring my arsenal of supplies to keep my body sweat, blood and odour proof! 

 I am sweaty monkey.

There's no shame there, it's fact.

The issue is I can be prone to skin irritations and odours so I need a bra that can handle all of my activities while travelling on vacation that gives me the support to exercise, tour around and feel comfortable; and I found it!  Pictured above is my knixwear sport bra, comfortable enough to wear to bed and strong enough to support heavy breasts and lots of sweat. It has built in odour fighting agents that are safe for your skin. 

Side note: I misjudged how many bras I needed for touring and had to wear that one for repeated flights and touring adventures. I re-wore it, dirty, several times and it did not smell once! 

After I fly, I always feel dirty, especially in my netherworld. Full disclosure, I have a very odiferous vagina. Again, no shame, my pheromones are strong. However, after working out or travelling for 12 hours, it can make me feel "not so fresh" and I cannot wait to take a shower. Paired with that knixwear bra are my knixwear power panties. They also have sweat and odour wicking agents to help keep you dry and clean!  I use them daily and I adore them. I love products that help keep me feeling comfortable and empowered!

On this same trip, I got my period.

No worries, I had my Diva Cup ready to go. This cup is like a reusable tampon that doesn't pollute our environment and you are also not putting bleached products on your favourite body part!  At first, you may make a face; pretty much every friend I have had has given me this face. But they always come around and they always rave about it. You can buy it from your drug store (a.k.a. Pharmacy) and use it for years. I also brought my knixwear period panties and my pink daisy reusable pads. It was my first time using period underwear and they were awesome!  They felt like real underwear, stood up against my heavy flow, no odours (even in Lisbon 30 degree weather) and kept me dry. I loved them as back-up for my Diva Cup and on their own. Best part - they cleaned up just as well as my pink daisy pads.  Throw them in the washer and bingo, clean! 

I know I have been raving about a bunch of products and please note, no one asked me to write this, I choose to share these products because they are really great products. I find it rare that we openly discuss products we love for our periods, sweat and support!  I hope you try these products and love them as much I do.   

My body put them to the test and if they work for me, I am confident they will for you! 

Now onto you, what are your favourite feminine hygiene empowerment products? 


Help, I have a picky eater and I'm tired!

I get it!

We want the best for our kids and we want to instil healthy habits in them.  

I was invited to present a wellness seminar for parents to share HOW to get the family to eat healthy without wasting time or money.  Being a mother to 2 young [picky] children while running my own health and wellness business has made me the queen of quick, easy and nutritious foods that are kid-approved!  In this video I am sharing a few tips from my seminar to help you make simple small changes to help your family thrive from the inside out!