I used to think the only way I could gain the freedom I wanted in my life was through money.  

 Reference to Freedom by George Michael. Photo cred:

Reference to Freedom by George Michael. Photo cred:

That in order for me to go on the vacations I wanted, whenever I wanted and throw out the alarm clock was by creating a 6-figure plus income through entrepreneurial endeavours. 

That was one of the reasons for starting SLHW, so I could be home and present with my kids. The other reason, of course, sharing my journey and helping other woman navigate through their own journey.  

This is where network marketing gets people. They show the life of freedom you could have if only you build it. Many people go in thinking (and isolating a lot of friends and family) they can create the same thing as their leaders and some can, most cannot. It's the same with entrepreneurship, it's not for everyone.  

So, what is a person to do if they want a certain lifestyle but are not equipped for the entrepreneurial life? 

Here are the steps to take: 

1) Stop thinking that there is only one way to get what you want.

2) What do you really want from life?  You see, for me, it was the ability to make a healthy impact on people's lives while working from home and being able to be home when my kids are home. To go on vacations whenever I wanted. To cover all my expenses and still have the means to DO things in this world. 

3) Write out exactly what #2 looks like. I did this back in March 2016. Essentially, I wrote I wanted to make X dollars, X numbers of days off, ability to be home with my girls, work with leaders that invest in their personal development, work in a collaborative workplace with a yoga-ish mantra and aesthetically pleasing workplace. The list goes on, you get the picture. P.S. I have all the above!

4) Don't be afraid to change your course or try new opportunities even if it seems like your going "off course" (there is no such thing). What's the worst that can happen?  You try something else if it doesn't work. 

5) Find the job/venture that fits what you want. It is out there!  Especially if you do #3 and trust.

Part of this activity is believing. Believing what you want can happen and that you deserve it to happen.  

Take the time to enjoy the process, have patience and believe!