What is SelfLove Health and Wellness (SelfLove HW) all about?

In this day, how easy is it to be a busy woman, mom (working or stay-at-home), healthy eater, consistent exerciser, family chef and give ourselves our own self-care time and stay happy and sane?  Shocker, it's not!  We are constantly feeling pulled in 100 directions and let's not get into that guilt we pour all over ourselves......yuck!  

What if you could bundle your exercise regime with your self-care time while removing the guilt and connecting to your community WITHOUT LEAVING HOME?  

Would you join?

SelfLove HW specializes in online live and interactive fitness and yoga classes.  We are the FIRST innovative health and wellness company to offer this UNIQUE and EFFECTIVE experience!  These are not your ordinary online classes, they are maximized to give you the most out of your workout for your body, while providing mindset, confidence and SelfLove coaching, and working out with other women JUST LIKE YOU!  We move and fuel our bodies as a community and encourage each other LIVE.  

Created by a mama, Kelly Fernandes, looking for something she could do while maximizing her time with her family and herself and couldn't find it!  Everything took her away from her family and she wanted something bigger and better.  Learn more about our Online Live Group Fitness Experience here.

Want to learn a little more?

We provide a variety of services to help you love yourself in body, mind and spirit from our fitness classes for all levels and inspiring and uplifting yoga classes to our nutrition, mindset and spiritual coaching.

We are a compassionate community, and no matter what level, we will help you reach your goals where you will always feel comfortable.  You will feel the love, not only from us but for yourself; when we do good things for ourselves we are showing SelfLove!  We are a tribe of compassionate SelfLove Junkie's who wants the best for everyone and meets everyone where they are.  There are no benchmarks to reach or attain; you are perfect with the body, mind and spirit you brought into this space today.  It’s about moving and fuelling your body, mind and soul with what it needs in that moment to show your whole self lots of love.  

How was SelfLove HW born?

SelfLove Health and Wellness was officially born while Kelly Fernandes was recovering from a depression however, in reality, it started much earlier, back in 2012.  In March 2012, she started her weight loss and health journey and much like SelfLove HW, her journey has been broken down into body, mind and spirit.


                February 2012

               February 2012

That is me in February 2012 weighing in at 210 pounds; many people thought I had gained the weight during my pregnancy but I actually had been overweight my entire 20's.  I was tired all the time and although tried to eat "healthy" (according to Canada's Food Guide) I did not lose weight.  I always heard about self-love and self-care and I thought it was about buying clothes and treating yourself to pedicures and massages.  Of course, this is TOTALLY part of a self-care and self-love routine but what I was really doing was trying to fill a void as opposed to really loving myself.  I didn't love myself and buying clothes did not make me love myself anymore.  In March of 2012, I made the decision to join a gym and made a consistent plan of how, when and what I would do to get healthy.  I knew I needed help, so I hired the best metabolic coach, registered holistic nutritionist and trainer there was to help and teach me.  After I started this journey I quickly learned what self-love really means.  After a few months I weighed in at 170 pounds and I LOVED my body.  I was still considered overweight for my height and still had weight to lose to become healthier but I learned that when you do good things for your body you love yourself.  

"When you do good things for your body, you love yourself"

No amount of new clothes or pedicures can fill the void left by not caring for yourself.  I now know that fitness and nutrition is the NUMBER 1 self-love act you can create for yourself.  

        September 2013

       September 2013

After about 18 months, I had lost over 60 pounds and was feeling amazing!  I had more energy, slept better and felt happier.  It connected me back to a passion for fitness and nutrition I had when I was younger, when I was a personal trainer, and it changed me and my life path forever.    


After losing weight and continuing on my health journey (really it never ends, you are always learning and your body is ever changing!) I started to look at my life.  I was working at a consulting firm as a Certified Industrial Hygienist and the environment I was working in was not the right fit for me.  I was overwhelmed and burnt out; I found myself always late and often rushing and yelling at my children to get out the door in the morning.  I knew I had to be a better mom to my kids and made the decision to quit my job and start my own health and wellness business.  I had become a certified fitness instructor and I was going to build a direct sales business along with it.  This was it, I was going to finally be happy, I was going to work for myself and still be present for my family.  The only problem was that I did not make a plan and without realizing it, was actually in a deep depression.  It all came to a head in one moment, when a phone call from a friend focused on my mental health.  I explained to her that I knew something was wrong when I had the thought to get in my car and drive away, leaving everything and everyone behind.  The reason I did not leave is that I could not bear the thought of my family thinking I left them behind, that they did something wrong, when really all I wanted was to run.  My friend told me to see a doctor right away and I did.  People were shocked when I told them I was not well as they usually saw a bubbly happy woman living her dream life.  In fact, one of my favourite photo's taken of me was actually weeks before my breakdown.

     This photo was taken weeks before my breakdown and realization that I was in a depression.

    This photo was taken weeks before my breakdown and realization that I was in a depression.

Why is this photo my favourite?  It shows me how someone can look on the outside but not tell the whole story of what is happening on the inside.  I was disconnected from friends and family, constantly berating myself with negative comments and lost.  The reason I love this photo is that although it was taken when I was mentally feeling my worst, this photo represents how I feel now!  That laughing-happy-on-purpose woman, is who I am now; how can you not love it?

I thought that pretending I was happy and connecting to people, thinking positive thoughts, working on myself, and pushing myself that I was going to get better.  What I was really doing was not being my authentic self.  When my therapist told me I was not being my authentic self at our first session I was crushed.  If I wasn't being my authentic self, then who was I?  I realize now that she meant I wasn't even connecting to how I was feeling, I was pushing and pretending, which is not a place a live.

"I wasn't even connecting to how I was feeling, I was pushing and pretending, which is not a place to live"

I quickly learned that although I was taking care of my body, I was not taking care of mind.  I needed to reconnect with who I was and what I really wanted.  I had all the tools before me, I had done a lot of personal development over the past year and a half after quitting my job, I just needed permission to apply it to my life.  

I started meditating, focusing on my yoga practice, resting and journalling.  I did not make a move unless I was inspired to do it.  My first inspired action was to take my 200 hour yoga teacher training while finishing my Fitness and Nutrition Expert Certification.  It was during this healing process that SelfLove HW was born.  Really, it came to me quickly one day and everything fell into place within weeks.  I knew that I had to share what I had learned over the past few years, share my story and help others.  I am here to help and to heal, that is my purpose and that is the purpose of SelfLove HW.

"I just needed permission to apply it to my life"


As I continued on my journey, I was connecting with people again.  I felt very disconnected from the world when I in my depression.  I could see people and talk to them but my heart and soul felt empty.  Because I had started to really connect to myself, how I was feeling and how I wanted to feel, I connected to my purpose on this earth.  One thing I did not expect was that it also brought back my intuition.  From a young age I had the gift of reading people; almost seeing their moves before they did.  As I got older I would discount these feelings as others told me it was silly.  However, after healing those feelings, my intuition came back and it came back strong.  I was being guided by a force greater than myself and was able to share this gift with others.  I was drawn to angel cards and started doing angel card readings for family and friends.  The better and more connected to myself and others the more accurate the readings were; I amazed myself many times!  I am still amazed, because really, it is not me, it is the Universe, Source, God, Energy, Light, Connection, Mother Earth, etc. guiding me and guiding me to share my gift and light with others.  I learned that when you nurture your body and your mind, you nurture your spirit.  You nurture who you really are at your core and you are connected.

"When you nurture who you really are at your core you are connected"

My story is not over, I am always learning and always sharing (check out my Instagram for all my shares and tips!).  I cannot wait to help you on your journey and watch you flourish in body, mind and spirit.

Always in health, love and light,