When you do loving things for your body, mind and spirit, you are showing yourself love



SelfLove Health and Wellness (SeflLove HW) is all about health, happiness and community.  We believe that by loving yourself you are better able to love others and share your light and love with the world!  To love yourself you must take care of your:

1) body, through fitness and real, healthy food;

2) mind, through meditation, mindset coaching and yoga; and,

3) spirit, by connecting to your true authentic self.  

We are on a mission to share the love with as many people as possible and create a healthy tribe of SelfLove Junkies!

SelfLove HW was created by Kelly Fernandes out of the ashes of a depression.  Her life experiences made her she realize that taking care of her body, mind and soul was the true key to happiness and health.  She now helps others love themselves in body, mind and spirit.

For more information on Kelly and SelfLove HW click here.